Magnesium and vitamins in endurance sport

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When the body does not have the necessary reserves, it begins to emit small alarm signals that, if ignored, will increase to limit your daily rhythm

Our collaborator AMLSPORT, tells us through Whereisthelimit the importance of supplementing with magnesium in the athlete

We know that sport is a fundamental pillar in your life, but we also know what it feels like when the body suffers from the effort of combining the strident rhythm of the schedules with the intensity of the workouts.

When the body does not have the necessary reserves, it begins to emit small alarm signals that if ignored, it will increase until you limit your daily rhythm. All magnesium preparations are ideal for people who practice physical exercise on a regular basis, as it is a mineral source that helps decrease fatigue and fatigue, contributes to electrolyte balance, allows the absorption of vitamin C and calcium, and regulates the normal functioning of the nervous and muscular system

El MG² + VIT complex is the right mix to prevent the Fatigue, the fatigue and the irritability win your forces. The action of magnesium along with the group of vitamins D, E and B, and milk protein will make it possible to reconcile intense work days with sport, the engine of your vitality.

On the one hand, vitamin D3 is essential in the recovery process of any athlete, because it contributes to the assimilation of minerals, especially in the normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus, so necessary to avoid injuries and wear during physical activity. On the other hand, the levels of Vitamin E must be increased, it is a powerful antioxidant that improves blood flow, prevents LDL cholesterol from oxidizing, decreases the risk of heart problems, fatigue y prevents the formation of free radicals causing muscle damage, pain and swelling. And finally, the B Group It is essential to convert carbohydrates into glucose, the main source of energy in our body.

In addition, the importance of the milk protein, component that acts at a physical and psychic level, on the one hand preserving and increasing muscle and bone mass, and on the other enhancing the formation of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that has a fundamental role in digestion, mood, aggression, body temperature, libido and sleep cycles.

Do not let an electrolyte imbalance condition your daily rhythm. Equilíbralo and make vitality your way of life.

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