Myths and truths about protein shakes

2022 begins and we all know what it means: it's time to keep your New Year's promises. Those that we write on a piece of paper while we shout the twelve chimes.

Typically, the most repeated New Year's resolution is to start a healthier lifestyle, reach a certain weight, or reach a muscle mass composition goal.

And it is not for less, December parties and meals wreak havoc on our lives, but when the calendar changes, we want to run in search of the best results for our body. 

Now, the most important thing is to know that the body must be loved in all its forms and that the process must become something fun and not a tragedy.

There are no magic diets or miracle pills, the results will come after a long day of effort and dedication.

The good thing is that in today's world there are already many advances and content on fitness and sports, which we recommend you read and take with a grain of salt for your personal process, always accompanied by a doctor. 

There are many gym supplements and good nutrition that can bring you closer to the goal faster.

Among them are the whey protein shakes. We will tell you what they are and debunk some myths about it. 

What does a protein shake consist of?

Protein shakes are nutritional supplements, allies both in a caloric loss plan and in increasing muscle mass.

They can even help you improve your hormonal environment. They seek to raise protein levels in the body so that, in turn, the loss of body fat is accelerated.

Proteins are essential amino acid structures that the body uses to regenerate connective tissues and muscles, as well as hormones and antibodies. Protein shakes have a high content of these structures and, in general, are made from whey, popularly known as whey. Whey protein.

Myths and truths about Whey Protein shakes

Like all nutritional supplements, they have been the subject of extensive debate in the fitness world. Many have demonized them, considering that their effects on the body are harmful. However, we are going to debunk those myths. 

  • “Protein shakes are toxic and harmful substances”

This is one of the most popular myths about whey protein.

Nothing could be further from the truth, since its components are totally healthy, extracted from natural food sources such as milk (in some cases, from cows fed only with grass), meat, soy, peas, rice, etc. They are very healthy and beneficial food supplements for your body.

  • “Its nutritional content is nil”

As we have said previously, since it is extracted from healthy and natural foods, the consequence is logical.

It is obvious that they are going to help you and that they fulfill a purpose. What you should be clear about is that they do not replace a balanced diet and that they do not work miracles if you do not practice sports.

They are fabulous additions to any diet, combined with a workout. Protein is made up of chains of amino acids that build up your muscles, so it becomes fuel.

  • “They inflame you like a bodybuilder”

Although it is true that protein shakes have an impact on muscle mass, it is best to accompany protein consumption with a good exercise routine, its use does not exclude those who do not exercise intensely. 

You just have to adjust the right amount of protein based on your needs and goals to achieve good results.

In conclusion, protein shakes are our friends. They are products designed to achieve our goals in a faster and optimal way.

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