Crown Sport Nutrition Launches “Nitrates 600 + Citrulline”

Innovation in Nitric Oxide Precursors for Athletes

Crown Sport Nutrition, a Spanish brand specializing in high performance and the first Spanish company with Informed Sport anti-doping certification, announces the global launch of "Nitrates 600 + Citrulline".

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This unique product combines nitrates and citrulline in a practical shot gel format, specifically designed to maximize sports performance through double pathway of nitric oxide (NO) production.

Main features:

  • 600 mg of Nitrates y 6.000 mg of Citrulline by shot gel.
  • Anti-doping certificate by Informed Sport.
  • Practical format gel shot type, easy to transport and consume.
  • Allergen-free y suitable for vegans.

Innovation in Sports Nutrition

"Nitrates 600 + Citrulline” is a precursor to Nitric Oxide, an essential molecule in sports performance. Nitrates act anaerobically while citrulline acts aerobically, both in effective doses and supported by scientific studies.

This novel shot gel format facilitates intake and ensures rapid and effective absorption.

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Benefits for Athletes

Nitric Oxide plays a crucial role in vasodilation, improving blood flow and the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle during exercise.

Among the benefits are:

  • Greater exercise capacity with lower energy cost.
  • Improvement in muscle contraction.
  • Optimization of mitochondrial respiration.
  • Improved immune function.
  • Accelerated recovery after exercise.


  • Acute protocol: Take a gel shot approximately 2 hours before physical activity.
  • Chronic protocol: Take one shot gel daily during the 4 days before a competition, and another stick 2 hours before the competition, adding a total of 5 shot gels in 5 days.

More information about what Nitrates are and how to take them.


“Nitrates 600 + Citrulline” is available in red fruit flavor, in 32 g shot gel formats and boxes of 10 shot gels. You can purchase it at their website and in specialized stores.

The Brand

Crown Sport Nutrition is a Spanish brand specializing in high performance.

It is the first Spanish company with Informed Sport anti-doping certification, and has carried out numerous scientific studies that support its products.

With collaborations with international universities and institutions and a commitment to quality and science, Crown Sport Nutrition is expanding internationally in European, Middle Eastern and Latin American markets.

For more information on “Nitrates 600 + Citrulline” and other Crown Sport Nutrition products, visit their website or contact their customer service team through the WhatsApp button or contact form.

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