New Flavors of HyperGel 45 from Crown Sport Nutrition

Crown Sport Nutrition, Spanish high-performance sports nutrition brand and the first Spanish company with Informed Sport anti-doping certification, announces the launch of four new flavors in its popular line of energy gelss Hyper Gel 45.

With options that combine hydration, energy and innovative flavors, these new products are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding athletes and complement the famous Neutral flavors with and without caffeine.

New Flavors to Diversify Your Energy:

HyperGel 45 Salted Peanut

image of the HyperGel 45
image of the HyperGel 45

For times when you prefer something less sweet, this gel provides 400 mg of sodium, ideal for hydration and a change of flavor during your training or competitions.

HyperGel 45 Mokka with caffeine

Perfect for coffee lovers, this gel will not only delight you with its intense coffee flavor but will also provide you with a boost of energy with 80 mg of caffeine.

HyperGel 45 Strawberry with caffeine

A classic sweet and smooth flavor that you can now enjoy in your energy gel, accompanied by 80 mg of caffeine to maintain your performance in critical moments.

HyperGel 45 Lemon

Refreshing and revitalizing, the lemon flavor will help you maintain your mental and physical freshness during long workouts.

Assured performance and security

 The 6 flavors of Hyper Gel 45 They have been carefully formulated to offer an optimal combination of maltodextrin and fructose in a 1:0,8 ratio, allowing for maximum absorption and energy efficiency.

In addition, the fluid texture of the gels makes it easy to consume without the need for additional water, ideal for athletes looking to maintain speed without interruptions.

Not forgetting that they all come with extra sodium to help hydration and are anti-doping certified by Informed Sport.


The new HyperGel 45 flavors are available for purchase on their website and in specialized stores.

For more information about these and other Crown Sport Nutrition products, visit their website or contact their customer service team through their contact form or WhatsApp button.

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