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Athlete's nutrition

An balanced nutrition It is one of the best ways to eat if you are a sports person. In fact, the athlete nutrition occupies an important place in the training routine.

Concepts like nutrition sport endurance They are totally related, since they greatly influence the ability of an athlete to be able to do their routines and achieve their goals.

La athlete nutrition it must be complete and balanced and it must be made up of a wide variety of foods that help to have greater resistance.

Foods that the athlete's nutrition should include

When we talk about athlete nutrition We do not mean the nutrients and vitamins and minerals that are necessary to improve fitness in a healthy way. In this article we want to tell you what are the necessary nutrients and where you can get them.


It may be clear to you that consuming water is important for your athlete nutrition. Especially when you play sports for many hours and you need to hydrate.

When athletes sweat, they naturally lose water and it is necessary that these fluids are adequately replenished. However, when we sweat we not only lose water but also electrolytes that are necessary for our metabolism.


Carbohydrates can not be missing in the athlete nutrition because they constitute the main source of energy. The main compound in carbohydrates is glycogen, which does double duty. On the one hand, it helps regulate the concentration of glucose in the blood that helps our brain function perfectly.


In addition, this glycogen helps the muscle so that it can perform its functions easily. If you are an athlete you should consider the consumption of fast-absorbing carbohydrates of slow-absorbing carbohydrates.


The energy provided by lipids in athlete nutrition it also occupies an important place. These lipids usually help in tests that have a long duration and usually act when the energy from glycogen runs out.


Proteins are also an important part of the athlete's nutrition, since they are enzymes that help the metabolic reactions of other compounds. If the amount of protein in the athlete's diet is reduced, mental resistance can be reduced, greater muscle wasting occurs and metabolic processes slow down.



Calcium is another component that should have an important presence in the athlete's diet, since it is a compound that helps to strengthen the bones that are necessary in many disciplines.

In fact, calcium prevents you from having stress fractures and provides you with more resistance in impact sports. You can find it in dairy products such as yogurt or milk.


Iron is another important component of the athlete's diet. The presence of iron helps carry oxygen to the muscles of the body. You can eat foods with iron such as green leafy vegetables, fortified cereals, fish, poultry, etc.

If you incorporate these components in your diet, you will be able to ensure that your diet is balanced and adequate so that you can develop your sports training in a simple and efficient way. The fundamental thing about your diet is that it allows you to give your best in training and feel good.

For many athletes it is necessary to adapt the diet both before, during and after training. It is important that athletes adapt their diet and nutrition on competition days so that their muscles are in the best condition and perform much better.

Supplements in food

There are also some food supplements that can be taken, but which should not be abused, it is preferable to consume all these compounds and vitamins naturally in the diet.

If you are an athlete and you want to have an optimal diet, what you eat is important, but also when you eat it and the amount you consume of each food. Therefore, you must take into account all these aspects so that you obtain the best results.

It is recommended that you try to eat a diet adapted to your needs and your own metabolism, since what can give very good results for some people may not offer the same result for others.

If you go to a professional who can advise you depending on the type of sport you are going to develop, you can achieve a more optimal diet.

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