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Nutrisport launches a new Gel, the Fuel Gel

It is a gel that, besides being a source of energy, regulates glycemia and has been enriched with Magnesium, Sodium and L-Arginine.

The Nutrisport nutrition reference brand, which has 30 over years of experience in the world of sports nutrition, continues to launch products to the market of the highest quality, this time with a new gel, the Fuel Gel , which contains PALATINOSETM a sustained-release disaccharide that regulates blood sugar.

Fuel Gel

El FUEL GEL formulated based on high molecular weight complex carbohydrates, which are characterized by being progressively absorbed, providing a sustained energy source.

Fuel Gel includes PALATINOSETM , also known as isomaltulose, a sustained release disaccharide that regulates blood glucose.

The composition of Fuel Gel has been enriched with electrolytes (Magnesium and Sodium). It also stands out for its contribution in L-Arginine, nitric oxide precursor substance, a compound that acts as vasodilatador, facilitating the arrival of nutrients to the musculature.  

 Nutritional Information

allergens: It does not contain allergenic ingredients.

Taste: Citrus fruit.

Dosage and method of use: Take a gel every 30-45 minutes during physical exercise.

Presentation: 30 grams gel.

Buy here the new Fuel Gel by Nutrisport.

More information: https://nutrisport.es/

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