What are branched chain amino acids used for?

Currently, more and more athletes are turning to food supplements to improve their performance, obtaining the right amount of all the nutrients they need.

One of them is the branched chain amino acids, or BCAAs, a substance that combines valine, isoleucine and leucine and that can be used, especially in strength activities to increase muscle mass.

Next, we will explain what branched-chain amino acids are for.

Branched chain amino acids in sport

Amino acids are used in aerobic sports such as cycling, swimming or marathons, that is, in those that have a long duration.

Likewise, they are very useful in those exercises that work on specific muscle groups, such as weight lifting.

In these types of physical activity, the branched chain amino acids found in the blood are depleted and those stored in the muscles must begin to be used for energy.

If the athlete does not consume the necessary dose of BCAAs, they will have a longer recovery and less athletic performance.

This is the reason why it is advisable to supplement the diet with a food supplement of branched chain amino acids, such as those that can be buy online here.

The functions of BCAAs

The branched chain amino acids are essential, which means that they must be obtained through the consumption of food and food supplements.

At least 35% of body protein corresponds to BCAAs and, to a lesser extent, they are found in skeletal muscles. Its main functions include:

  • Provide energy to muscles during intense exercises.
  • Promote protein synthesis.
  • Avoid muscle catabolism.

Likewise, the use of branched chain amino acids is associated with the following functions:

recover muscle mass

The branched chain amino acids promote the development of growth hormone, which helps increase muscle size.

Likewise, it reduces the damage that occurs in muscle mass, since it decreases the amount of lactic acid and other enzymes present in the body.

Reduce muscle fatigue

By decreasing BCAAs in the blood, serotonin in the brain increases, which causes alterations in the nervous system and, ultimately, fatigue.

Some studies indicate that an increase in branched chain amino acids can reverse this process.

Boost the immune system

Intense exercise causes a decrease in blood glutamine and, therefore, also in the immune response.

The branched chain amino acids return glutamine to the blood plasma, which boosts the immune system.

How are branched chain amino acids taken?

The most recommended for intense exercise is to take BCAA shakes half an hour after training, along with the consumption of carbohydrates.

In addition, they can also be consumed half an hour before physical activity, so that they are already available later. It is recommended to ingest them with an abundant quantity of liquids.

Branched-chain amino acids have numerous functions in the body and are suitable for intense or long-term exercise.

Among other tasks, they help to recover muscle mass, reduce fatigue and boost the immune system.

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