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Why take collagen?

Because it is a protein different from the others in which no less than sixty percent of it is made up of only three amino acids: 30% is glycine, 20% is proline and 10% is lysine.

Collagen With magnesium from AML SPORT

Our collaborator AML SPORT tells us why taking collagen with magnesium is so important.

On the contrary, in the other proteins the twenty amino acids that form them are more mixed in their proportions, although those of plant origin are poor, lysine, methionine and tryptophan, which explains why if a person consumes little protein, adding Collagen to your diet is going to balance it to a great extent, and why when there is wear and tear on the joints, bones, tendons and ligaments that are precisely collagen, helping yourself by supplementing your meal with this protein is the most correct decision to make and if sports, simply using common sense tells us that the best we can do is complement those meals that are shorter in protein, breakfasts normally, with this food.

And why with magnesium?

Because we know years ago that in the countries where we fertilize phosphorous and potassium nitrogen, we are currently taking half or somewhat less than it was eighty years ago and it has finally been officially recognized that 80% of the population of These countries have to a greater or lesser degree a deficiency of this element.

And Ana María Lajusticia, founder of the brand, adds to people who have contractures, spasms and cramps, have a severe deficit and those who have arrhythmias and palpitations without having a very severe cardiovascular problem

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