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What are Super Foods? , we selected 10 from them

Incorporating a diet rich in superfoods improves health

Superfoods, a term that has become fashionable, is a product of marketing, highlighting foods rich in nutrition with beneficial properties for health.

Our collaborator Healthing, , tells us in this article about them.

What are super foods?

It has long indigenous peoples have used them to heal body and mind. Now, in our globalized society, in a world full of offers of empty products with nutritional content, we need to cleanse our body of toxins and look back at the foods that provide vitamins and minerals naturally.

It is a marketing term, but it puts in front the virtues of food that we should not overlook.

Incorporate a diet rich in superfoods improves health. The Mayo Clinic specifies that they must meet three requirements:

  • Cheese rich in fiber
  • Have minerals, Vitamins, phytonutrientsand Antioxidants
  • Cheese low in caloric load.

Thus, we manage to be well nourished, without loading ourselves with sugars and ultra-elaborated products that only manage to vitiate us and cause chronic diseases.

Food that satisfies but does not nourish you produces fatigue, lack of vitality, and you immediately feel hungry again. It is a vicious circle that can be cut with healthy eating.

We remember what Hippocrates already told us, "that food is your medicine"

List of Superfoods

There are many, but we are going to propose a 10 list to incorporate into the diet and check how they feel:

the nuts

They protect the heart and the brain, are rich in omega 3, have anti-inflammatory, anti-platelet and anti-cancer properties.

Chew them a lot, between three and five nuts a day is enough. They are perfect as a mid-day snack, or as a snack.


It has the ability to detoxify heavy metals. Its high concentration in chlorophyll, helps cleanse the blood, kidneys, liver, intestine.

Rich in enzymes and vitamins of group B, can be incorporated into the diet as a nutritional supplement.


Contains sulfur compounds that provide protection against cancer, and delay cellular aging

The carrot

it is rich in beta-carotenes. It is a nutrient necessary for eye health. Prevents degeneration and loss of vision so frequent when turning years.

Wheat germ

It is rich in vitamins of group B. It takes care of the nervous system, the production of hormones, enzymes and proteins. It is rich in minerals, strengthens and prevents bone system problems.

Reishi mushroom

He is the king of longevity. Immunostimulant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer. The potency of fungi for health translates into a more effective response of the organism against external aggressions, viruses, bacteria.


Is ally of the intestine. Source of probiotics, it nourishes the king organ of the absorption of the necessary nutrients for health.

The Cranberries

Highly potent antioxidants are also the best allies to prevent cystitis.

The acerola

The richest superfood in vitamin C, which is related to so many metabolic functions, of collagen manufacturing, helps the immune system, antioxidant, anti-aging.

Sesame seeds

It helps the production of melatonin, a sleep hormone, that with age decreases the production capacity of the pineal gland.

They are also rich in calcium. And they are great incorporating them into the diet on breakfast toast or spread on a salad.

We are going to bet on these superfoods, and we will check that the term is used correctly. We are going to feel better.

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