New recuperator of vegetal origin 3:1 Vegan Recovery +

The company Crown Sport Nutrition has launched this new product specifically for vegans

The commitment of Crown Sport Nutrition with sports and athletes, it has to do with creating high-performance products, highest quality, backed by science and anti-doping certificates.

The world of sports is no stranger to nutritional trends and they are always investigating trying to respond to those athletes who demand a certain type of product.

Whether they are based on proteins of animal or vegetable origin, they must always be adjusted to the values ​​of your brand.

QPerhaps we are not going at the speed of others (science has its own rhythm), but quality takes a lot of work and time. It's a price we're willing to pay.” Comment in a statement

The new vegan recuperator

Since we introduced our vegetable protein (Micronized Pea Protein; Vegan PROtein+), they got down to work with the product they lacked: the muscle recuperator for endurance athletes 3:1 Vegan Recovery+ to further complete our line of high-performance vegan products; Vegan PRO Line.

Today it has been presented together with a Pack of vegan products to test. .

Features of 3:1 Vegan Recovery+: 

Infographic made in collaboration with The Voice of Science @thevoiceofscience
Infographic made in collaboration with The Voice of Science @thevoiceofscience
  • Ratio 3/1 between Carbohydrates (2 sources) and Micronized Protein (Pea)
  • With a plus of Essential Amino Acids and Glutamine (Kyowa®)
  • With extra vitamins and minerals
  • Easy absorption, easy texture and delicious flavor
  • Allergen Free and Suitable for Vegans
  • 750g format (15 shots of 50 g) chocolate flavor at RRP €24,83

This is the answer to many athletes who are already using plant-based products, others who are thinking of starting to try them and also athletes with some type of allergy or intolerance since we are talking about an allergen-free product.

In a study published in the JISSN pea protein was compared with whey protein and it was concluded that both had similar performance in processes of increasing strength and muscle function.

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New Endurance Vegan Tester 2.0 Pack

Endurance Vegan Tester 2.0 Pack
Endurance Vegan Tester 2.0 Pack

This is the tasting pack with the 11 star products by Crown Sport Nutrition 100% vegan to cover all the needs of energy, hydration and recovery in your workouts. It comes with 2 gift sachets of the new 3:1 Vegan Recovery+.

Focused primarily on those endurance athletes (triathlon, cycling, trail running, marathon etc.) who want to try our products for the first time without having to buy a whole box or bottle and at an exceptional price.

You can choose it with a PRO Fly 550ml bottle, a PRO Fly 750ml bottle or a PRO 500ml Shaker.

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