Symptoms of magnesium deficiency

Our collaborator AMLSPORT In this article, he tells us what are the symptoms that our body has when it has a magnesium deficiency

Magnesium intervenes in the work of the nervous system and, if its concentration drops, can produce the following symptoms:

  • Increased anxiety and if you feel a restlessness, an uneasiness, a not knowing what happens to you, a kind of internal tremor, which can even manifest itself as a tremor in any part of the body.
  • Claustrophobia or agoraphobia, or a bad regulation of the body temperature that sometimes manifests itself as having tenths of temperature without an infection, sometimes it is a fear of imminent death, because when the deficit is very severe, you feel a crash with the feeling that life is going away. It is as if you were at the bottom of a well and from there you see that life continues on the outside, but you feel unable to leave it because you are exhausted or exhausted.
  • When falling asleep or dreaming, you have a scare, or it seems that he is falling, or talking, moving his arms, or kicking himself. It is a very unpleasant feeling to feel that you are falling and waking up is a relief.

Magnesium also has a fundamental role in the muscle relaxation As we have already said and when its concentration is not correct, it occurs or may occur:

  • Tics next to the eye, next to the mouth or a tingling around it; or they can be in an arm, a thigh, or in any other part of the body it feels like a heartbeat and if you look there is a small movement in a muscle.
  • Contractures in the cervical region that in many occasions they are associated to a wear of the disks, and already we have seen when speaking of the artrosis why.
  • Leg cramps or on the toes, or on the thighs ...
  • You can have spasms that manifest as hiccups (even in babies) or in a series of yawns that can not stop the one who does them.
  • Other times it is the intercostal muscles that seize up and the lungs stop working; the head warns that it has no oxygen and then a deep inspiration that looks like a sigh; If you are in someone's company, they ask you what happens to you and you answer them, "nothing" and in reality it is that you were stopping breathing.
  • Contractures in the muscle tunnels of the arteries that result in a narrowing of the same and whose manifestations are: increase in blood pressure, or pricking in the precordial region (which scare a lot).
  • Arrhythmias, tachycardias and extrasystoles that end up taking you to the doctor; but many times, when you go to the hospital or the clinic, you have taken chocolate, milk with cocoa, almonds or some of the foods richest in magnesium and the doctor dictates that you are well, that they are "the nerves" and, indeed, these problems they get worse with tensions at work or at home, which produce adrenaline discharges and in those situations there is a much higher expenditure of magnesium.
  • See black points that follow the look or lights when closing your eyes and in extreme cases have a temporary blindness for a few minutes that is solved simply by taking this food several times a day, because to pass the blood you need some carrier proteins or carriers, which we have in limited number .

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