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Crown Sport Nutrition launches the new flavor of Isodrink & Energy: Tangerine Orange

The sports nutrition brand Crown Sport Nutrition launches a new flavor of one of its star products, the Isodrink & Energy.

All of us who do sports know that we need to change flavors throughout our training sessions and competitions, that's why, Crown has launched the new orange-tangerine flavor

Isodrink & Energy is a highest quality powdered sports drink and with a premium composition that provides all the necessary ingredients not only to maintain but to improve performance in your workouts and competitions

Crown Sport Nutrition launches the new flavor of Isodrink & # 038; Energy: Tangerine Orange

These are some of the opinions of the users

David Delgado. «It is very good, it reminds me of a soft drink I used to drink when I was little, it doesn't seem like such a technical sports drink".

Stephen: "Until now I combined the lemon Isodrink with some effervescent salts because it loaded me a lot and when tasting the orange it tastes just like this mixture it made, so I want a bottle of orange-tangerine, now !!»

Javier Morena: «Incredible, the best I have tried by far. The best of the 3 flavors".

Iván Díaz: «Yesterday I tried the new flavor, it is very good, I like it".

Olga: «It is much better than the one of another brand that I took until now".

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