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Consequences of the decrease of magnesium in the diet

The direct relationship between magnesium deficiency and muscle cramps is the best known

Our collaborator AMLSPORT tells us what consequences do not consume magnesium in our diet

The extraordinary increase in Osteoarthritis, certain types of rheumatism and some connective tissue problems are mainly due to magnesium deficiency in the diet.

Also, there is a close relationship between disturbances in heart rhythm and a low magnesium blood level. There are usually arrhythmias and tachycardias that doctors do not know how to find their origin.

There are studies of how, a low concentration of magnesium in the serum, warts or swelling originate in the cell walls of red blood cells, which break before their normal period of life, about 120 days, causing anemia.

The direct relationship between magnesium deficiency and muscle cramps is better known. Other symptoms such as sensation of thoracic oppression and certain states of anguish, Many headaches y dizziness, they are also related to a low serum magnesium level, and indirectly also to their deficiency in the cells of the periosteum or tissue that covers the bones, which is the fundamental cause of osteoarthritis in people with sufficient protein intake.

If the deficiency of this element is reached at a concentration of 12 to 15 milligrams of magnesium per liter of blood (25mg is normal), palpitations and pain in the precordial region, which resembles false angina of the chest, may be felt.

Many backaches, muscles and legs are attributable to this problem, as well as anxiety, aggression and certain emotional problems.

The relation of disorders related to the deficit of magnesium in modern man does not end here: the formation of oxalate stones in the kidney and certain disorders in the metabolism of calcium are closely related to it.

It can be stated that the hardening of the arteries by calcification of the atheromas formed with fats and cholesterol, and the calcification of the lungs and kidneys are also related to the deficiency of magnesium in the diet.

It seems impossible that an element, of which so little has been done so far, could influence so many problems.

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