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5 guidelines to feed yourself if you eat out the days before the competition

Tips to maintain your diet when traveling to a competition

Sandra Sardina,specialist in sport Nutrition and collaborator of Triathlon News He tells us what guidelines we have to follow when we move to a competition.

If you have to move away from your home to participate in a competition, it is important that you have controlled the logistics around your food (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Here I propose 5 tips that can help you.

Find an Apartahotel

Try to find an Aparthotel in the same place or near where the race takes place, they have the advantage of having a fridge, stove, kitchen utensils (glasses, plates, pots, cutlery). For me, it is the best option that exists since you only have to go to the supermarket closer or bring you food from home and cook them. SUPERPRACTIC!

Free buffet

If it is not viable and you have to stay in a hotel, in this case try to make it free buffet*, so you can make menus that adapt to your needs;

* Breakfasts:

  • White or whole wheat toast
  • Corn or muesli cereals… Maria type cookies
  • Jams, quince, honey, cocoa butter
  • Low fat or semi cheese, ham, tortilla
  • Nuts
  • Yoghurt
  • Fruit, juices
  • Tea or coffee
  • Water

*Meals and dinners:

  • Varied salads
  • Boiled vegetables
  • Pasta, rice, potatoes, legumes (hot or cold)
  • Meat, fish, eggs (boiled, iron, oven ...)
  • Yoghurts, fruit
  • White or whole grain bread
  • Olive oil

Talk to the Hotel for a special menu

Another option may be to try to talk with hotel managers to reach an agreement and agree a menu that seems appropriate to you Important to choose simple cooking (oven, boiled, steam, griddle, sautéed), avoiding over-seasoned cooking (stews, fried, tempura, sauces, spicy, raw foods ..).

If you are sweet also avoid desserts with a very high fat content (tiramisu, chocolate and cream ice cream, pastry creams), better a simple ice cream, yogurt or fruit.

Take a tupper

A third option may be bring the previously cooked food from home, in a thermal tupper, or in a refrigerator (this option is only useful for a day away from home)… Yes, try to make cold preparations and maintain the proper food temperature at all times, as they could break down and give you some food poisoning problem and annoying the race.

Don't eat a lot of fiber the day before

The day before the competition is always recommended reduce or eliminate the intake of waste, dietary fiber, since it can cause you gastric problems in the race, and it is not enough to prevent them. So, we will avoid vegetables, salads, fruits, legumes, whole versions. We will also avoid cooking that needs fat and sauces, spicy and raw meat and fish.

Example day before competition


  • Pasta or cooked white rice with plenty of water and salt.
  • White bread or cereals No. wholemeal with quince or oil and salt
  • Omelet of egg whites or egg whites or low fat cold cuts
  • Fruit juice

Food and dinner

  • Pasta or rice or potato
  • Fish or meat low in fat or fish
  • Yogurt or cottage cheese with honey or rice pudding or flan
  • Pan
  • Water

Sandra Sardina


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