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The new cookie protein post-workout flavor Nutrisport Cookie

The Spanish brand presents PROTEIN BOOM, the new double cream bar

If you are one of those people who take a protein bar after his training, or as a protein snack between meals, without a doubt the new bar PROTEIN BOOM de NutriSport Will not leave you indifferent.

PROTEIN BOOM contains 12 g of high biological value milk proteins, making it optimal for those people who want both a good energy contribution, as a high protein content that contribute to the maintenance and muscular development. In addition, its formula has been enriched with different vitamins, among them, Vitamin B6 y Vitamin C, and also with magnesium.

image001-38 The new cookie protein post-workout flavor Nutrisport Cookie Articles sports nutrition
PROTEIN BOOM by NutriSport

Its irresistible flavor Cookies and Cream, will make you feel an experience that you will not easily forget. You do not believe it? Try it, and comment in our RRSS what you think! Enter our Instagram @nutrisport_sa.

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