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What do energy gels contribute to the athlete?

Energy gels are an indispensable product in endurance athletes

Our collaborator Crown Sport Nutrition tells us in this interesting article the benefits of this type of products in the performance of the athlete.

Energy gels are a indispensable product in endurance athletes, specifically in tests on distance Ironman, marathon or Ultratrail among others.

This is becauseCarry carbohydrates quickly, easily and being these of easy assimilation and digestion, a very important thing when it comes to spending many hours in a row doing sports.

Use them in tests or trainings of more than 1 hour

The intake of gels is fundamental to be able to maintain the performance in resistance testsao at any sporting event or training that exceeds one hour in duration.

However, in addition to the fact that everyone knows these types of products such as "Gasoline" for the bodyor, they provide several very important nutrients that we want to explain.

From Crown Sport Nutrition, they focus on the quality of the ingredients and above all they rely on the science to make their products, proof of this is the anti-doping seal by Informed Sport that have.

cycling segment of a triathlon
ITU / triathlon cycling segment

The Enegy Gel thoroughly

In this case we will explain some of the most important nutrients that the Energy Gel and that make it an ideal product for endurance athletes.


Better known as electrolytes or salts, especially sodium (Na+), which is what we lose with sweat and is essential for avoid dehydration.

Other minerals that you can find in this gel are potassium (K+), The chlorine (Cl-) And the magnesium (Mg2+). Added in the form of highly bioavailable salts, such as Magnesium Citrate.


His proven ergogenic effect, that is improves performance as it: delays the feeling of fatigue, improves muscle contraction, optimizes the use of fat as an energy source and stimulates mentally.

Amino acids

  • Like the branched ones or BCAAs (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) that can be used by the muscle as an energy source which delays fatigue. Also, minimize muscle wasting Produced in long distance disciplines.
  • La Taurine that favors water transport and nutrients within the muscle cell.
  • La Arginine, that favors the transport of oxygen and the elimination of toxins. Furthermore, being a glucogenic amino acid, muscle can use it as an extra energy source.

Its texture

El Energy Gel It has a very fluid texture that is easy to swallow. The caffeinated flavors are Cola and Red fruits. And it is also available in a caffeine-free version (Lemon and Orange).

What do energy gels bring to the athlete?

Do not test in competition for the first time

Remember that one of the first "unwritten" laws of the athlete is that a product that has not been tested before in training should never be tested in the race.

If you want to know more about the Spanish brand Crown Sport Nutrition, do not hesitate to visit its website.



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