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What effects do some foods have on our body?

In a first article our collaborator Fisiocos, he told us which were the best foods to avoid injuries, well, in this article he tells us that effects have some foods in our body.



In long-term sports practice, the body consumes energy, and when that energy is used, it is created free radical, which favors aging and which requires a greater amount of Antioxidants.


We tell you about the effects of some foods on the human body:

  • El excess sugar demand calcium and magnesium. , as well as excess sugar and protein produces nervous irritability.
  • Milk, coffee, tea, OH and tobacco produce inflammation of the digestive system.
  • Caffeine and OH are vasoconstrictors
  • Milk is very difficult to digest. The casein protein that is in milk accumulates as soon as it enters the digestive system. Doing the slow and heavy digestion. The homogenization and pasteurization oxidize and modify the elements contained in the milk.
  • Calcium is fixed in blood between 9 and 10 milligrams. When you drink milk, it increases suddenly. But with this happens the same as with sugar and insulin. Your body reverses the processes to eliminate as much calcium as possible.
  • If calcium accumulates in the cells arteriosclerosis and increased blood pressure occurs
  • Magnesium is a regulator of calcium
  • The balance of sodium and potassium is a prerequisite for life. Without them, neither muscles nor nerves work. With enough ingestion of vegetables and fruits we supply potassium to regain balance with sodium.
  • The essential fatty acids (DHA, DEA) improve nerve conduction


  • In your diet one 40% fruits and vegetables 40% of grains (rice, wheat, corn, legumes ...) an 20% animals
  • Drink water one hour before eating (transport, detoxification, antioxidant, metabolic processes, regulation ...)
  • Chlorine in water generates free radicals
  • Eat fruit about 20 minutes before the rest of the meal
  • Try to have dinner as soon as possible. (Ideal in the afternoon, the liver begins to lower its functions from the 7 in the afternoon)
  • To mark some corporal rhythms is to regulate your organism
  • Breathe (deep breathing stimulates parasympathetic nerves)



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