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All about Gels for NUTRISPORT endurance tests

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During the resistance tests y ultra resistance Our body needs an exogenous energy contribution to achieve a desired performance throughout the test and finish in optimal conditions.

Gels for resistance tests Nutrisport are ideal complement for resistance and ultra resistance tests where our body needs a exogenous energy contribution to maintain the desired performance throughout the competition and finish in the best conditions.

Foods with a high content of carbohydrate or food whose base is composed of carbohydrates provide us with improvements in the delay of the appearance of muscular fatigue, the perception of local or general fatigue and an optimal capacity of attention and reaction among other factors .

As we all know, carbohydrates are the main base when we refer to a "contribution of exogenous energy in the form of food "in the competitions y resistance training, but it is very important to know in advance what is the cadequate amount of carbohydrates that we should consume for each hour of exercise.

It was known that a maximum amount of 60 g of carbohydrates per hour of competition or training was necessary for efforts greater than 2 hours, since this is the ability of our body to obtain energy through carbohydrates such as glucose and fructose. Nevertheless, over time it has been shown than the union of different sources of carbohydrates (glucose - fructose) allow increase to 90 grams / hour the maximum amount of consumption.

However, this amount should always be adapted to each athlete particularly, so it is advisable to "train" also the feeding in our training sessions, for know our optimal consumption of carbohydrates, since otherwise, if we do not practice food in training, this can cause gastrointestinal problems and abdominal discomfort in competition.

According to studies carried out by the International Society of Sports Nutrition and the Australian Sports Commission, the amount of carbohydrates should also be adjusted and measured according to the intensity and duration of each sport test. Also keep in mind that you should not consume a closed carbohydrate test or competition, that is, we will focus on a range of grams of carbohydrates per hour, in order to find the ideal amount individually that does not provide the correct contribution to have the optimal performance without creating any intestinal problem.

As we have mentioned previously, for this It is very important to try in the trainings and combine different sources of carbohydrates, which come both from sports supplementation products and from conventional foods.

In the following infographic we show you a compilation with the best gels available in the catalog of Nutrisport:

nutricion_infografia-nutrisport All about the Gels for endurance tests of NUTRISPORT Sport nutrition articles

Gel + Taurine: This taurine gel stimulates the absorption of nutrients and improves performance thanks to its intervention in the neurotransmitter system. Improves muscle response and, therefore, performance.

Gel + Guarana: Guarana extract increases the body's energy levels and improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Thanks to its caffeine content it also has a stimulating effect that delays fatigue in the athlete.

SprintGel: it has in its composition with various sugars, most of which are rapidly absorbed. The importance of combining different sources of carbohydrates, is mainly due to the rapid absorption, improving their assimilation and thus reducing the risk of suffering gastrointestinal disorders

Carbo Energy Gel: it is an easy and convenient way to make a load of carbohydrates (glycogen), hours before a competition or long-term training, while providing vitamins and electrolytes.

Hgel: provides the same combination of carbohydrates present in the usual NutriSport Gel but with a greater amount of water added. In addition, it incorporates other nutrients that improve the athlete's performance (branched-chain amino acids, sodium, potassium, vitamins).

Energy Gel (Vegan): recommended for all types of athletes, especially those who follow a vegan diet, and who seek an energy contribution (immediate and sustained) of natural origin during physical activity.

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