Do you know the importance of Vitamin C in sports?

It is an essential vitamin for human beings because it can not be synthesized or stored, so it must be present in the food we eat.

Vitamin C, is known scientifically as ascorbic acid and is within the group of water-soluble vitamins (water-soluble).

Our collaborator AMLSPORT tells us the importance of this vitamin in sports practice

It is an essential vitamin for humans because it can not be synthesized or stored, (only 4 or 5 is present after ingesting it), so it must be present in the food we eat.

One of its main functions is the hydroxylation of the amino acids proline and lysine to form collagen, which is the most abundant protein in the human body, being the essential constituent of cartilage, tendons, bones and skin, so it is of vital importance for the growth and maintenance of bones, teeth, gums, joints, ligaments, tendons and blood vessels, as well as to weld fractures and heal wounds and burns.

This function is fundamental in the treatment of injuries (so frequent among athletes) because with a good intake of this vitamin we can cure in a shorter time.

The   main sources of vitamin C They are citrus fruits (orange, lemon, kiwi, pineapple ...), and vegetables (tomato, red pepper, spinach, broccoli).

We talk about a water-soluble vitamin (its elimination by the kidney is very fast). All this means that there is no consensus on what are the recommended daily amounts. However, the recommended daily dose is around 500mg / day, although the needs vary in all athletes, depending on their training volume, loads ... In any case, the overdose of vitamin C presents a very obvious symptom what is the diarrhea. If necessary, interrupting your intake is sufficient.

It does not increase sports performance, but it has the important function of facilitate the absorption of other vitamins and many minerals including most of the minerals that are lost through sweating.

An advice: It is not necessary to take large amounts of vitamin C, but it is important to take in each meal of the day.

Stimulates the immune system, and acts as a powerful antioxidant, important points for athletes, since a high level of self-defense prevents certain diseases such as colds and other infections and also facilitates better recovery.

Another role of great importance for those who practice sports or exercise regularly is their intervention with the iron, since ascorbic acid promotes the absorption of this mineral, essential for the proper oxygenation of tissues.

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