IRONMAN Vitoria 2022 Results

On Sunday, July 10, the IRONMAN Vitoria with the victory of  nicholas kastelein.

The test has only had a male professional test that granted 2 slots for KOna.

These are the results of the competition

IRONMAN Vitoria 2022 men's classification

Site First Name Time
1 Nicholas Kastelein  07:52:50
2 Cameron Wurf  07:53:29
3 Dominik Sowieja  07:54:21
4 Tobias Dahl Thomsen.  08:05:43
5 Evert Scheltinga  08:06:25
6 Andrej Vistica  08:07:11
7 Victor Arroyo Bugallo  08:09:34
8 silas kohn  08:15:07
9 Leon chevalier  08:19:28
10 Andreas Jung  08:20:40


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