Saleta Castro #roadtokona 2018 "goal by goal", first appointment Ironman South Africa

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Saleta is the Spanish with the most Ironmans completed in competition (15)

In 2020 : Saleta Castro she became the PRO triathlete youngest Spanish player to contest the Hawaii Ironman World Championship, and a few months ago with just 30 recently completed years he played his Ironman number 15 in Malaysia, being the Spanish with more Ironmans completed in competition.

In Triathlon News we closed follow-up of the Spanish triathletes having options to be in the Hawaii Ironman World Cup next October with the #roadtokona2018 of Saleta Castro.

Nowadays Saleta Castro it is located in the 65 position of the World Ranking, with 1.140 points, thanks to the results obtained in the Malaysian Ironman (4ª) and in the Ironman 70.3 of Cascais (3ª).

news_08_saleta-castro-carrera-equipo Saleta Castro #roadtokona 2018 "objective by objective", first appointment Ironman South Africa ROADTOKONA

The own Saleta He told us about his first great 2018 competition:

"I will run the IRONMAN of South Africa the 15 in April, is a test of the highest score and there is always a lot of level but I need to start scoring as soon as possible in case something goes wrong to have margin to go to other competitions.

Depending on the result, I would go to Frankfurt which is the European Championship and another test with great level but also of maximum score. This year we go objective by objective without thinking beyond. I'm focused 100% in South Africa and then we'll decide. What if I also have marked in red the Spanish Long Distance Championship that this year is in my city Pontevedra. "

From Triathlon News we wish the best to Saleta this season and hopefully after South Africa does not need to run any other Ironman ... good sign will be.

Photo: Facebook Saleta Castro

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