David Serra responds: lately when I ride the bike, my buttocks are quickly loaded, why can it be?

David Serra, Triathlon News contributor, answers a question that Luisete, one of our readers, sent us through our form. Contact

Lately when I ride the bike my buttocks are loaded in a short time, why can it be?

Hello Luisete, your problem with the buttocks can be for several reasons, but the first thing you have to do is improve the flexibility of your hip rotator muscles (gluteus medius and pyramid) with stretching and massage.

It is also important to have good mobility and lumbar flexibility to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible on the bike.

For this you should not forget to perform abdominal strengthening exercises among which I would advise the hypopressives.

You should also check the width of the saddle and the bottom bracket that are related to the width of your hip. Think that it is always easier to make biomechanical adaptations on your bike than in your body.

Anyway, we have to think that sometimes we have pains or discomfort because we are not yet sufficiently adapted to some type of exercise or activity.

I also advise you that at the moment when you notice that your buttocks are loaded you are moving a bit on top of the bike, that is to say that you are changing position and you are lifting from time to time.

When you are a long time doing this, it becomes more difficult, but in the ports or steep slopes you can use it.

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