Train with your Iphone

Do you know that you can use your Iphone to train? , The Bikemate GPS solution was initially designed for bicycle workouts but can be used for the race as well.

Below we expose some of the characteristics of this product:

  • It has a history function that helps organize all the records of previous training.

  • It has a calendar function and total distance / hour / calories that can give you a good idea of ​​the results you have had during training.
  • BikeMateGPS supports iPhone photography. The photos taken during the training contain the GPS information, so you can check the path on Google Maps. You can Enjoy the routes in which you have discovered incredible places.
  • You can also export all the training routes and save the photos in BikeMateGPS via email and web mashup. In particular, you can analyze the training pattern by exporting the data in the web mashup function. where you can find the speed and altitude information.


  • Share your experiences with others through a personal blog or Facebook.
  • BikeMateGPS uses Google Maps so you can check the road traveled with accurate and accurate maps.

  • You can check and save time, distance, average speed, maximum speed, current speed, and the calories consumed during training with BikeMateGPS, which will allow you to manage the experience of training to improve.
  • In the future they intend to add a function to read the routes of other users. It is also planned to add a Virtual Partner, which is a system that allows you to compete with a partner virtual by some planned route.
  • On the other hand also consider including a function to display graphics that allows the analysis of all routes and information stored on the iPhone



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