LOOK AND POLAR PRESENT: The first global system for measuring pedal power

POLAR, a leader and pioneer in heart rate-based sports technology, and LOOK, the leader and inventor of the world's first automatic pedal, have joined forces to introduce the world's first pedal power measurement system. Together with the compatible POLAR cycling computers, the POLAR LOOK Kéo Power pedals are a “must-have” for all ambitious cyclists who want to reach their full potential.

The revolutionary new Kéo Power pedals from POLAR and LOOK measure cycling power with maximum precision. The system consists of the lightweight POLAR P5 power transmitters and the POLAR LOOK Kéo Power pedals. It should be noted, in addition to its lightness, the ease of assembly and the practicality of changing them from one bicycle to another.

The eight sensors integrated inside each pedal guarantee maximum precision (a margin of error of +/- 2%). The two wireless power sensors transmit the data to the compatible POLAR cycling computers: CS600X, CS600, CS500 + and CS500. The user can change the batteries of the transmitters easily and safely.

The POLAR LOOK Kéo Power accurately measures the power of the two separate pedals (left / right) in watts. The measurement of the left / right balance in percentage helps the cyclist to perfect his cycling technique, correcting possible inefficiencies in his pedaling and decompensations or also helping in the recovery three an injury.

LOOK AND POLAR PRESENT: The world's first pedal power measurement system

The system self-calibrates before each session allowing a very precise measurement of power. In addition to offering power data, the POLAR LOOK Kéo Power also measures current and average cadence in rpm, helping to find an optimal pedaling rate.

The pedals provide information to calculate the Cycle Efficiency value. The cyclist will be able to identify how efficient the effort on the bike is and its transformation into power. This value is calculated by dividing the power by the total energy expenditure, determined based on heart rate and personal data. By improving this value, you are also improving performance.

LOOK AND POLAR PRESENT: The world's first pedal power measurement system

There are two packs: one that includes the pedals, for cyclists who already have one of the compatible POLAR cycling computers (CS600X, CS600, CS500 + and CS500) and another that also includes the POLAR CS600X GPS that incorporates a POLAR G5 GPS sensor.

The GPS sensor POLAR G5 it only weighs 34g. and it has an autonomy of 20h. Its battery is rechargeable both on and off, ideal for long and long adventures. This sensor offers speed, pace and distance data and also records the route for later viewing. The data can be downloaded to the POLAR ProTrainer 5 software or through the weblink application at POLAR's online training diary allows you to share training sessions on social networks and challenge other users in the community.

“I have used the Polar Look Kéo Power and it is extremely useful. Thanks to being able to control the power generated, the balance of my legs when pedaling and the cadence, I have greatly improved my cycling technique. As a professional cyclist I value the precision and ease of use of this product. ”

Mickael Buffaz, professional road cyclist of the COFIDIS team.


PVP Kéo Power: € 1.700

PVP Kéo Power CS600X: € 1.900 (includes POLAR cycling computer CS600X and GPS G5 sensor)

** Available at authorized stores as of March 2012.

POLAR and LOOK, 2 leading companies in innovation

In 1984 LOOK invented the first pedal with integrated hitch and in 1982 POLAR created the first heart rate meter thanks to Polar's WIND Transmission (wireless and interference-free). Both brands have come together to offer an unprecedented product that offers maximum reliability to cyclists who want to get the most out of their sessions.

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