MyTREK, the forearm heart rate monitor for iPhone

cosche has developed a novel system that allows to have a heart rate monitor in your forearm instead of the chest, which makes it much more comfortable and less cumbersome. Yes, myTREK for now it's only for iPhone, although being bluetooth the possibility for it to be used in other phones and devices is open.

Using about LED and optical sensors This forearm band can display the real-time pulse rate accurately. The Scosche application for iPhone also allows you to calculate many other data and using GPS will also allow us to know things like distance and speed.

It is designed for the practice of aerobic exercises, weights, cycling or running and thanks to the fact that it measures the pulse in real time we can establish zones and focus the training on something specific, alerting us with alarms and voice.

Strangely it does not use low-power bluetooth, so its battery will only last 5 hours in a row, although it can be recharged with a USB cable and theoretically has a range of 10 meters.

Its price is 130 dollars, and we will see if this system is implemented in other heart rate monitors and finally we get rid of the uncomfortable chest straps. But since it is pending a patent, other products may not be created by other brands, so we will have to wait and see if they also create software for Android, WP7, Blackberry and others.

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