Orbea expands the road family with the creation of Orca Bronze

Orbea will put the new Orbea Orca Bronze into the hands of road users, starting in October. Model that arrives to complete the Orbea offer that ranges from the top of the range Orca Gold bike, continues with the Silver and closes with the Bronze.

Orbea never stops. From the first moment Orca came out of our molds, we decided that it should be a bicycle accessible to everyone. We democratize carbon. That is why we have evolved this bicycle to offer a machine accessible to all pockets, with the Orbea lifetime guarantee and Orca technology and knowledge.

Orbea Orca in MyO

MyO is the Orbea application through which you can configure the bicycle to your liking. Choose between Orbea's three carbon levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze; choose colors, saddles, handlebars ... Everything at your fingertips through www.orbea.com.

Who is the new Orca designed for?

Orca is synonymous with competition. We know it from the first day it came out of our carbon molds, and day by day, it shows that it is one of the best Protour bikes. For innovation, technology and Orbea's knowledge of both materials and competition. But not only professionals need the best bicycle. Orbea has users who put on their jersey, helmet and shoes and go out to conquer a new challenge. Long gears and races where, as in the Protour, they need a bicycle that allows them to obtain maximum performance and optimum power transfer with each pedal stroke.

Why is it among the best in the competition?

Our professional teams, as well as the work of our engineers and designers at the foot of the competition, let us know what are the needs and requests of a bicycle destined to be the best. The application of the latest technology such as SSN, Attraction, DCR or AIZonE is the result of our experience in the best rounds and with the best riders, as well as our knowledge of the world of cycling.

Who uses it?

- Euskaltel-Euskadi

- Kelly Benefits USA

- Andalucía Caja Granada

- Orbea Continental

- Twenty3c-Orbea

What are the Orbea mechanisms that guarantee this bicycle?

The Orca family is backed by the solvency, guarantee and quality demonstrated by the Orbea Engineering Department. Its lifetime guarantee is given after exhaustive UNE regulatory tests in our Quality Area.

What differentiates Orbea from other brands?

Our commitment The tranquility that a brand gives you that seeks that your only concern is the state of the weather to go rolling. We want to offer you the best product, the best service and the best technical assistance so that nothing stops you. And that is not done overnight. This is achieved through years of work and listening to our clients. Our Orbea Stores and our distributors are ready to accompany you on your way. In short, so you never stop rolling.

In addition, Orbea offers you the possibility that you are the one who designs your bicycle. You have a wish and we are able to make it come true. Orbea puts twelve colors and numerous mounting options in your hands and you can even personalize it with your name. In short, created by you and for you.

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