PumpTire: wheel concept that inflates itself

PumpTire is a prototype bicycle tire that has the grace to inflate itself. The system is simple: a tube runs along the outside of the wheel. When occupying the bicycle, the tube is tightened by what is sending air into the chamber of the wheel. Next to the tube, a valve is installed that regulates the desired pressure level and determines how long it has to be inflated.

The creator of PumpTire is seeking funding on Kickstarter to bring his product to life. He is asking for the not insignificant sum of US$250, of which he has so far US$8671. The investment closes on October 5.

PumpTire will be available in two models: City Cruiser, for casual riders who just want to ride for a while and get around town, and City Pro, for dedicated riders who want to get the most out of their bike.

more information in www.pumptire.com

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