Victoriano Raso and Elena Aguilar winners of the Andalucian Triathlon Circuit 2012

On September 23 in Punta Umbría (Huelva), another edition of the Andalusian Triathlon Circuit ended, consisting of six tests and which ran throughout the Andalusian geography: Seville, Almería, Posadas (Córdoba), Pozo Alcón and Marmolejo (Jaén) and the aforementioned Punta Umbría (Huelva). This year the circuit has been surpassed again, since they have managed to complete the circuit (participate in at least 4 tests) almost double the participation of the previous year.

Victoriano Raso (Real Club Mediterráneo) and Elena Aguilar (CTOA) have been the winners this year. Victoriano has achieved his victory, thanks to his regularity since he has not won any test but he has always managed to get on the podium, although that yes, the first place has been very tight since he only got 0,66 point from his brother Bruno Raso who has been second, in this way Victoriano ends the reign of Pedro Serrano who had been the winner in the last three years and who this year has only been able to be third. The one that continues to win one more year and it is already her fourth consecutive season has been Elena Aguilar who has once again marked a great circuit, winning in three of the six tests held

For teams in the men's category, the winner was the ADSevilla-Zambrus Bike and women the winners were the girls from the CD Triathlon Granada club, thus having a prize for the great work that this club is doing in the province of Granada both in promotion as in his female team.

All the winners of the circuit will receive their prizes at the annual Triathlon gala that will be in mid-January and that the federation will announce the venue and final date in the coming weeks.

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 Source: Andalusian Triathlon Federation

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