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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

What is aerobic endurance?

A solid foundation working of this capacity will allow us to continue progressing throughout the season towards higher intensities and obtain better results.

When we talk about aerobic resistance, we refer to the body's ability to carry out prolonged effort over time at a low to moderate intensity.

In these intensities obtaining energy is done through aerobic metabolismIn other words, in the presence of oxygen and using mainly carbohydrates and fats as energy sources.

At what intensity do you have to train?

As we have mentioned, to work on aerobic endurance we must train at intensities around 60% VO2max, about 40-50 beats below the Maximum Heart Rate or what we usually call training zones 1 and 2.

How long are the trainings?

The volumes must be long, more than 60 minutes, although this depends on the initial level of each person.

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What are training zones?

3 training proposals

So that you can work your aerobic capacity we propose 3 tasks of each triathlon segment that you can include after the warm-up, with the aim of making the start of the season more enjoyable.

Do not forget to keep the intensity parameters mentioned above, for which it will be necessary to using a heart rate monitor 


  • 2 x [800 with fins (200 crawl swim, 100 back kick) / 15 ″ + 2 × 400/5 ″ 1st paddles-pull, 2nd without material)] / 15 ″


  • 4 x (10 ′ at 50% + 5 ′ at 70% + 2 ′ at 40%)


  • 5 Km doing: 2Km at 50% + 1Km at 60% + 1Km at 70% + 1Km at 40%

You could repeat it 2 times to reach 10 km

Laura García Cervantes
Laura Garcia Cervantes.
Dra. Science of Physical Activity and Sport

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