Improve your ankle proprioception to improve your sports performance

Proprioception is a critical factor for balance, coordination, and efficiency in sports.

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The ankle is a key joint for walking, running and jumping safely and stably, but also for preventing injuries. Working on proprioception increases the strength and resistance of the ankles and legs.

La Proprioception is extremely important for athletes., as it helps them improve their running position and technique, allowing them to run faster and more efficiently.

In addition, working on proprioception can help Prevent injuries, since the body can detect and respond to any changes in the terrain.

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Ultimately, improving proprioception contributes to strengthening the muscles of the ankles and legs, which can lessen the impact against the ground.

 Some tips for doing proprioception exercises

  • Heat muscles before performing proprioception exercises.
  • do the exercises slow and controlled way to avoid injury.
  • if you feel comfortable with an exercise, Try to increase the difficulty.
  • Pleasure breaks between exercises for the muscles to recover.
  • Alternate the exercises between the different muscles to avoid overload.
  • Lend attention to balance and body posture to avoid injury.

5 exercises to improve ankle proprioception

These are some exercises that we propose that will make you improve your performance

  1. Balance on one foot:

Standing on one foot, maintain your balance for a few seconds with your eyes open or closed and varying the type of support (toe, heel, inner or outer edge of the foot).

  1. Ankle Rotations:

Standing on one foot, rotate the ankle from one side to the other, slowly or speeding up the movement and varying the type of support.

  1. Balance board:

Position yourself on a balance board and try to maintain your balance while performing different movements with your body.

It is possible to increase the effort by adding weight in the hands or by changing the length and width of the plank.

  1. Balance on unstable platform:

Position yourself on an unstable platform (Swiss ball, bosu or balance disc) and try to maintain your balance while performing different movements with the body.

  1. Mixed exercises:

Perform ankle exercises while throwing tennis balls against the wall or performing complementary upper body exercises.

We leave you a video so you can do these exercises

Proprioception exercises should be performed from least to greatest difficulty, adapting to the trained posture.

The goal is for the body to detect and respond to environmental stimuli, allowing you to maintain efficient posture and running technique and reducing the risk of injury.

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