A cycling training for the new year  

After the New Year's Eve celebrations, resume the cycling training It can be quite a challenge.

The beginning of the new year is a perfect opportunity to unite the passion for cycling with the social aspect of the sport on such important dates.

Rolling with the group is not only an excellent way to train, but also to share experiences, motivations and establish common goals for the year ahead. 

Here we present an ideal workout to start the new year with energy and motivation. 

Total Training: 1.5 – 2 Hours 

During this phase, we will ride at a smooth and constant pace, maintaining a cadence of 80-90 RPM. 

The goal is to prepare our muscles and cardiovascular system for the effort, so let's keep the intensity low, around 50-60% of our maximum heart rate. 

 Warm-up (30 minutes)  

  • Activity: Smooth rolling. 
  • Intensity: Low (50-60% of maximum heart rate). 
  • Cadence: 80-90 RPM. 
  • Objective: Prepare the body for effort, increase blood circulation and muscle temperature. 

Intensity Series (20 minutes)  

We will perform four 5-minute intervals at a moderate effort, followed by 5 minutes of recovery.  

Here, we will increase the intensity to 70-80% of our maximum heart rate, with a cadence of 90-100 RPM during efforts and returning to 80-90 RPM during rest periods. 

 This block will help us improve our resistance and recovery capacity.  

  • Activity: 4x (5 minutes of moderate effort / 5 minutes of recovery). 
  • Effort Intensity: Medium-High (70-80% of maximum heart rate). 
  • Effort Cadence: 90-100 RPM. 
  • Recovery Cadence: 80-90 RPM. 
  • Objective: Improve aerobic endurance and recovery capacity. 

Soft Running (30 minutes)  

We will maintain a medium intensity (60-70% of maximum heart rate) and a cadence of 85-95 RPM.  

This stretch is crucial to maintaining our aerobic endurance and promoting active recovery. 

  • Activity: Shooting at a constant pace. 
  • Intensity: Medium (60-70% of maximum heart rate). 
  • Cadence: 85-95 RPM. 
  • Objective: Maintain aerobic endurance and encourage active recovery. 

Cadence Work (20 minutes)  

We will alternate between 2 minutes at a high cadence (100-110 RPM) and 2 minutes at a normal cadence (85-95 RPM).  

This exercise will improve our pedaling efficiency and our ability to maintain a high cadence.  

  • Activity: Alternate 2 minutes at high cadence / 2 minutes at normal cadence. 
  • High Cadence: 100-110 RPM. 
  • Normal Cadence: 85-95 RPM. 
  • Objective: Improve pedaling efficiency and the ability to maintain a high cadence. 

Cool down (10-20 minutes) 

In this last phase, we will reduce the pace to a very gentle ride, lowering the intensity to 50% of our maximum heart rate and allowing the cadence to be free.  

This cool down is essential to reduce your heart rate and relax your muscles.  

  • Activity: Very smooth rolling. 
  • Intensity: Low (50% of maximum heart rate). 
  • Cadence: Free. 
  • Objective: Reduce heart rate and muscle tension, facilitate recovery.

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