Swimming training to help you control the pace over long distances 

In the world of triathlon, swimming is a discipline that demands not only strength and endurance, but also refined technique and exceptional pace control. 

Today, from Triatlón Noticias, we offer you a swimming training developed by Sara McLarty, focused on improving pace control over long distances, essential for competitions like IRONMAN. 

This training is based on progression and effort management. Start with a focus on technique and stroke work, gradually increasing intensity. 


It is divided into three sets, adapted to different levels of skill and physical condition. 

Set A: For advanced athletes. Includes 200 meter series with different approaches: combination of swimming and kicking, use of pull buoy alternating intensities, and mixing of styles.  

The goal is to perform the last 200 meters at a fast pace, building intensity throughout the set. 

Set B: For intermediate triathletes. Similar to Set A but with distances of 150 meters, focusing more on technique without losing intensity. 

Set C: Ideal for beginners or those returning to training. With sets of 100 meters and controlled rests, it allows you to focus on technique and gradually building speed. 

Practical tips 

To integrate this training into their routine, triathletes should consider their current level of fitness and technical ability.  

It is important to start with a set that suits your level and progress gradually. 

Additionally, a proper warm-up and cool-down is crucial to prevent injuries and facilitate recovery. 

Also, keep these basic tips in mind.  

  • Start each session with a proper warm-up. 
  • Focus on technique before increasing the intensity. 
  • Use the right equipment, such as pull buoys and fins, to improve your technique. 
  • Record your times and sensations to monitor progress. 
  • When “50 meters non-freestyle” is indicated in a training session, the swimmer is being given the option to choose between backstroke, breaststroke or butterfly strokes. 

The training  

Set A (Advanced Level): 

  • 6x200 meters in 3:30 (150 meter swim, 50 meter kick) 
  • 5x200 meters in 3:00 (pull, alternating 50 meters hard and 50 meters easy) 
  • 4×200 meters in 3:20 (100 meters non-free pace, 100 meters free) 
  • 3x200 meters in 3:00 (decreasing the time in each repetition) 
  • 2x200 meters in 2:40 (fast) 
  • 1×200 meters of cooling 

Set B (Intermediate Level): 

  • 6x150 meters in 3:30 (100 meter swim, 50 meter kick) 
  • 5×150 meters in 3:00 (pull, 50 meters hard, 50 meters easy, 50 meters hard) 
  • 4×150 meters in 3:10 (50 meters non-freestyle, 100 meters freestyle) 
  • 3x150 meters in 2:45 (decreasing the time in each repetition) 
  • 2x150 meters in 2:30 (fast) 
  • 1×200 meters of cooling 

Set C (Beginner Level): 

  • 6x100 meters with 30 seconds rest (75 meter swim, 25 meter kick) 
  • 5x100 meters with 20 seconds rest (pull, 50 meters hard, 50 meters easy) 
  • 4×100 meters with 10 seconds rest (50 meters non-freestyle, 50 meters freestyle) 
  • 3x100 meters with 20 seconds of rest (decreasing the time with each repetition) 
  • 2x100 meters with 30 seconds rest (fast) 
  • 1×200 meters of cooling 


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