Martin Fiz's 7 tips for running in cold water, wind and snow.

One of the most media runners in our country Martín Fiz, He gives us some good advice so as not to stay at home on bad weather days.

In winter when the storms of rain, snow and wind excuses can be made for not going out, but if you follow these instructions from Martin Fiz You will enjoy this sport even on the toughest days.

Taking advantage of the fact that the Marathon dispute is approaching, Martin Fiz wanted to share a video with all his followers explaining what to do.

7 tips for training in winter

  • 1º Aptitude, training is worth double
  • 2º Equip yourself well, feet hands, neck and head
  • 3º Use warming and skin cream
  • 4º Do a good warm-up indoors
  • 5º Start jogging very slowly
  • 6º Do not force your breath
  • 7th take a shower and have a hot drink.

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Do not miss it and learn from one of the best.


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