4X1000 series training for running

In the world of triathlon, physical preparation is key to achieving maximum performance. 

Today, at Triatlón Noticias, we focus on a specific training that is very popular among runners and triathletes: training 4X1000 foot race.  

This method, devised by renowned trainer and Ph.D. in Kinesiology and Sports Psychology, Craig Paiement, promises significantly improve the strength and speed of athletes. 

The training: 

The training consists of a series of exercises designed to build strength and speed, in addition to helping athletes better control their cadence and rhythm changes.  

It is especially effective for those who focus on speed or participate in Olympic distance or shorter competitions. 

Warm up: 

  • One kilometer of light running 
  • Dynamic exercises and stretching 

Main Series: 

Four repetitions of: 

    • 1.000 meters at 10K race pace 
    • 200 meters recovery jog 
    • 400 meters at a pace 5-10 seconds faster than 5K pace 


  • One kilometer of light running 

Training Benefits: 

This training not only improves endurance and speed, but also teaches athletes to be more efficient in managing their energy during competitions.  

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