Review Garmin Forerunner 610

Garmin has sent us the 610 version of the Garmin Forerunner model, a specific model for training control and that Triathlon News analyzes today in this article for its readers.

At a glance

At first glance and just open the packaging, we can find a carefully designed watch with a perfect finish, light but at the same time robust, perfect for training and could even be used for daily use.

Once unwrapped all the packaging in the box found: Garmin Forerunner 610, magnetic charger, power supply for USB devices, dongle to synchronize wirelessly with the computer and the heart rate monitor, which can either be purchased with the product or use the other Previous Forerunner model (I have tested it with the 305 Forerunner)

Start training

Once the clock is fully charged, thanks to the cable with which it comes included that loads directly by usb with the pc, the training begins.

Nothing else start it, I see that the control of the watch is tactile with a very intuitive interface, resembling the use of a smartphone when you can slide on the screen, or even better, since it detects movement even with wet hands, an improvement that I consider it very useful because while you run you do not have to be touching buttons, just by sliding you can observe the different data such as speed, time per km, distance, heart rate ... very valuable at the time of doing a control on the session.

Main Review Garmin Forerunner 610 Material

Clock Configuration

The screens are totally configurable you can have different 4 with 4 fields in each one, or only 2 fields, so the size of the numbers in this second option increases, which gives you the possibility to see at a glance the distance and the pace at which you want to do the training.

Another thing to highlight is the brightness, an added value for those who make long runs at night, which allows you to see the information with total clarity and clarity without forcing the sight as well as highlighting its resistance to water, I have tested it on the day of rain and perfect.

One of the things that I liked the most is its vibratory alert, in long runs, I set it to "vibrate" at the pace of each km, something very useful, if you train in a city with a lot of noise, showing the time I have spent in doing the km, this is very useful in the programming of training sessions, farletk, etc.

Speaking of its characteristics, it has been interesting and remarkable its function "destination" where you can set the starting point of your career in the gps, and later you can return to the starting point with a single "click". Ideal for outings to run on roads or cross country to which you are not used.

GPS Review Garmin Forerunner 610 Material

If you are bored of doing long runs, as it is my case, this watch allows you to configure a virtual partner, which, well, you can use to beat the rhythm (for example you can say, go to 4: 30 'km during all the roll) or to make demarrajes, or what you can think of.

virtual companion Review Garmin Forerunner 610 Material

It also has a training option, with which you can program the training, with distance, rhythm, pauses, etc. that will allow you to carry out the training in the best possible way

Notable novelty

As a novelty has the Virtual Racer, which allows you to compete against yourself. That is, you can redo a previous roll, where you can compare circuits that you have done before, in real time, or you can download the training of a teammate, upload it to the clock and compete "virtually" with it.

Virtual Racer Review Garmin Forerunner 610 Material

For the Triathlon

Despite its qualities for running and cycling, Garmin Foreruner 610 is not a watch designed specifically for swimming training. If you want to use the triathlon, the best advice is to put it between two hats in order to obtain the most accurate distance without losing the GPS signal. On the other hand, I also missed the "multisport" option for the triathlon, which with the single-turn marking, we tell the clock the change from bike to run on foot. In any case, this model is an excellent companion for both cycling and running.


A watch designed for training that thanks to all its functions as gps. virtual partner, virtual racer, etc. is a well-used tool that can be considered a perfect ally for the control and progress of training, giving very valuable data at a very affordable price for all the features it has.

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