2020 World Triathlon Series Calendar

It will consist of 7 tests, with the Grand Final dispute in Canada in August.

This is the competition calendar of the WTS circuit (World Triathlon Series) by 2020.

It will be composed of 7 events, with the dispute of the Grand Final in Canada in August.

Triathlon World Series Calendar 2020

Test Date Distance
WTS Abu Dhabi 6 -7 / 03 / 2020 Sprint
WTS Bermuda 18/04/2020 Olympic
WTS Yokohama 16-17/05/2020 Olympic
WTS Leeds 6-7/06/2020 Olympic
WTS Montreal 27-28/06/2020 Olympic
WTS Hamburg 11-12/07/2020 Sprint
WTS Edmonton (Grand Final) 17-23/08/2020 Olympic

More information: https://www.triathlon.org/

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