Miquel Blanchart #roadtokona 2018

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The great goal of Miquel Blanchart is to return to compete in the World Cup in Hawaii at 2018

Today we present the fourth installment of the follow-up we are doing to the Spanish triathletes who have options to compete in the Kona 2018 World Championship. After analyzing the possibilities of  Ivan Raña,  Javi Gómez Noya y Eneko Llanos today is the turn of the Catalan triathlete Miquel Blanchart,  who already played the Hawaii World Cup in 2015 and came very close to qualifying last year.

Miquel Blanchart currently has 1.920 points, thanks to his fourth positions in the IM of Barcelona and IM from Mar del Plata where he got 960 points in each test. As we have mentioned in previous cases, the limit to be in Kona should be around the 3.000 pointsTherefore Miquel has a long way to go but he still lacks the entire 2018 season to score points and be able to be in "Mecca"

Miquel himself has told us what his sensations are of his #roadtokona 2018:

Well, as you already know, the road to the Big Island is very hard for triathletes of my "size", since they only go l50 best classified at the KPR. In my houseor we are always on the line because since the podiums are practically non-existent for me, I must maintain a scrupulous record in the results that I do during the season. So I try to select the races so that I have the greatest number of options to take points or to be in the podium area.

Nowadays I am in the classification zone but remember that this does not end until the end of August so that the classification is in constant movement.

The 2018 season, I started it in IM Barcelona where I did 4º, so I took some points and I continued with Mar del Plata man where again I did 4º so you could say that I have the 50% of the points for said classification. I have to continue with the same dynamic, and if it is, I would surely be on the Kona starting line.

At the moment I'm not very clear about the season but what I do know is that I'll be in the 70.3 from Marbella and it could be that in Lanzarote also.

Let luck be with me!

Miquel Photo: Joan Dols / Facebook Miquel Blanchart

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