Causes and treatments of stress fractures

They are fractures caused by overloads or stresses instead of bumps or falls like the rest of the fracture

What are stress fractures?

Our collaborator the Fisiopinar Clinic, tells us in this article the causes, symptoms and possible solutions of this injury

They are fractures caused by overloads or stresses instead of hits or falls like the rest of fractures. They are usually due to a excessive training and without rest.

This type of fracture is common in triathlon, especially in tibia, calcaneus, sesamoid bones of the foot, metatarsus, pelvis y femur.

The main symptoms are deep pain and even punctures even at rest, although it is accentuated in the load, and inflammation of the area. To diagnose it, an imaging test such as radiographs and / or resonance is essential.

The causes are often due to biomechanical alterations of feet, knees or hips, like flat feet or knees rods, another cause can be a change in footwear or in the field where we do the training or a bad technique in the race, a Feeding low in calcium or magnesium It may be another predisposing factor, such as hormonal factors (low progesterone), which is why it is more common in women.


The main treatment is the joint rest of the affected area, although sometimes the treatment of choice is surgical. If immobilization is not required, it can be done soft work in pool, measures for pain and inflammation, Hyperthermia y magnetotherapy to accelerate bone recovery and muscle enhancement of nearby muscles. Once the fracture has been resolved, we would strengthen the musculature and perform Proprioception to then progressively incorporate to our habitual routine,

How to prevent it?

To prevent a stress fracture it would be convenient to perform a career study to study possible inadequate techniques, and also a study of the footprint to correct the biomechanical alterations with templates If necessary, use appropriate footwear, and Boost muscle that will help us not to appear this type of fractures and above all and mainly respect the rest times.

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