Two very useful but effective tips to avoid injuries in the triathlon

Our collaborator David Serra answers the question that one of our readers sent us:

@triatlonnoticia Could you advise me on any of your articles on the subject: injury prevention in Triathlon?

More than a typical article about injury prevention in the triathlon, I would like to propose two very simple but very effective tips.

The first and most controversial would be to advise you to stretch less or only when necessary. By this I mean basically that when there is a muscle injury or just a muscle overload, DO NOT STRETCH, the only thing we get is to make the situation worse.

Many muscular tensions are due to a muscle weakness in another part of the body. For example, pain and lumbar tension is due in many cases to a weakness in the abdominal muscles. We must get compensate our body with the appropriate exercises in each case.

Another important detail that is related to what I was saying before is that it is vital for a triathlete to work on the abdominal muscles and the best way to do this is through hypopressive exercises.

Most are static but for those who want a more advanced level, there are dynamic with a high level of demand and with more than surprising benefits.

As usual David Serra TN collaborator in the section of TRIFISIO responds to the inquiries of our readers.


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