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Doubts about the sports insoles? How and when to choose them? We tell you

Annoyance in knees, hips, back or repetitive sprains can be symptoms of tread problems that could be corrected with templates

salud_jens-muller-angel-moncada-clinica-tres-cantos Questions about sports insoles? How and when to choose them? We tell you about Physiotherapy Articles

In this interview Jens Müller, orthopedic licensed in Germany and teaching at the University Camilo José Cela, who founded his own company ( in the town of Tres Cantos (Madrid) dedicated to general and sports orthopedics with a marked specialization in the manufacture of prostheses for amputees where it offers its patients the latest technologies and comprehensive advice, explains how and when to detect the need to have templates.

As a reference, we can also count on the experience of Dani Molina, one of the paratriathletes of greater international recognition, who approached us to the facilities.

In the interview Jens tells us the details to know what is the time to go to a professional to make us an assessment if we need templates.

The annoyances in knees, hips, back or repetitive strains can be symptoms of problems in the step that could be corrected with templates adapted to your case, always with a previous study carried out by a medical professional that advises this solution.

Doubts What sneaker do we choose: neutral, pronator or supinator?

With templates always neutral sneakers. The choice of specific footwear for pronator or supinator can be beneficial as long as the assessment is done by a professional, something that does not always happen. That is why if we choose a neutral we will have a greater adjustment to our footprint if, in the case of having any deviation, we correct it with templates.

salud_plantillas-ortopedicas-corrdores ¿Doubts about sports insoles? How and when to choose them? We tell you about Physiotherapy Articles

What can the templates correct?

The templates correct the tread while they are worn, when the bone structure is removed it goes back to its beginning, but the continued use causes the muscles to correct the support.

How should you use them?

It is necessary to allow the foot and the muscles to get used to the correction of the tread before using them for sports, with a short period of test with a daily activity, which will help us to make adjustments in case they are necessary. Normally, in a week, and starting in a progressive way, they can be used for the activity that is required.

salud_plantillas-ortopedicas-corredor-2 Questions about sports insoles? How and when to choose them? We tell you about Physiotherapy Articles

What will we notice?

The usual thing is to notice discomfort in the first days due to the change of footprint, but these discomforts should disappear in three or four days. If not, some type of adjustment is probably necessary.

Can you solve injuries thanks to them?

If not solve them, of course it is a good prevention system

Can you put on all kinds of shoes?

Always neutral shoes and can be exchanged between several shoes as long as they have the same type of last.

How long do they last?

Depends on use, but should be reviewed annually or in professionals every 6 months.

How to choose a specialist well to do them?

It is not so important a deployment of means to study the footprint, as the professional who makes them have the necessary knowledge to know what kind of adaptations have to do in each case, which is specialized in the manufacture of sports insoles and that be aware that they may require later modifications.

The clinic of Jens Müller is located in the Sector Oficios 34, 28760 Tres Cantos (MADRID)

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