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Fisiocrem: The "wardrobe background" for the athlete.

Analgesic and anti-inflammatory 100% recommended


From Triathlon News we are conducting a series of test products of various creams and solutions for the athlete. Today we test FISIOCREM GEL.

What is it?

An analgesic and anti-inflammatory highly indicated in all phases of the treatment of muscle and joint rehabilitation therapies.

Who is it for?

It is especially indicated in acute and post-traumatic muscle and bone disorders without open wound, as well as arthropathies, contusions and common sports injuries (sprains, strains, tendonitis or dislocations)

Is it a medication?

No, it is not. Of course what we like most about him is this, apart from the obvious good results. And is that FISIOCREM is a completely natural product.

What is it made of?

From plants, among its ingredients are:

Arnica: Its effects are anti-inflammatory and analgesic, indicated for muscle and joint disorders. Used for centuries by traditional medicine, arnica is known and prescribed throughout the world, and is the plant most used by homeopathy in trauma.

Marigold: exerts a calming effect on irritated areas. Especially indicated for the circulatory and lymphatic system.

Hypericum Perforatum: Analgesic agent used since time immemorial in peripheral nervous system injuries (the most common in sports injuries), as well as back injuries. FISIOCREM It contains the pure extract of the plant.

Melaleuca (or tea tree oil): Used for its natural antiseptic properties. Try a refreshing and analgesic sensation. 

What is its format and how is it used?

Its presentation is in tubes (similar to toothpaste). For its use it is recommended to apply a layer on the affected area. Subsequently, perform a light massage to facilitate absorption. No bandage is necessary (it does not stain the clothes either) It can be used as many times as desired, although normally it is enough with 2 or 3 applications per day.


Fisiocrem: The "wardrobe background" for the athlete.

Can everyone use FISIOCREM?

Yes, everyone. It can be used by children, the elderly, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Its ease of use and the speed of its effect make its application compatible with the maintenance of normal daily activity.

It is also a product commonly used in physiotherapy clinics.

How much?

It can be found in small size cans (60 ml) between 7-8 euros and medium size (250 ml) at an approximate price of 20 euros.


Where can I find it?

In pharmacies, parapharmacies, physiotherapy clinics ...

And what does the Triathlon News Expert THINK about?

After testing it in a muscle strain and tendinitis of two triathletes of , we would say that it is a "wardrobe background" for the athlete, a cream that can get you out of a lot of trouble after a workout where we are used to the eventual slight "inconveniences" such as muscle strains, scams, tendinitis, being the first option to recover before going to the professional, if it is not more serious.

If it is important if the injury lasts and it is not relieved to be aware that there may be some type of rupture or more serious injury where the attention of a professional with its respective diagnosis is necessary.

Apart from its result, what we like the most is that it has 100% natural components and it is not aggressive and because it is not a drug as such (such as calmatel, voltaren or similar), and therefore can be used in a greater number of cases, with less fear that allergic reactions may appear and making its use more viable in more pathologies and in different processes, without fear of contraindications or Adverse effects.



-          Product 100% based on natural components

-          Proven results being a product used by physiotherapy professionals

-          Topical use

-          A basic for the athlete and valid for the whole family in various treatments such as bumps, sprains, bruises (can be used by children, the elderly, pregnant women, nursing mothers ...)

-          Does not need bandage

-          Does not stain clothes

-          Simple use, since it is not necessary to have knowledge of physiotherapy for its use, simply with a light massage so that the cream is absorbed is sufficient.

-          Easy to transport (several formats from 15ml)

-          Excellent quality / price

-          + 15 years of experience with endorsed results

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