What to do in the case of cramps in the twins or hamstrings? How can you stretch? David Serra tells us.

David Serra collaborator of Triathlon News tells us in his Trifisio section the treatment and prevention of some of the most typical injuries in endurance sports.


Today he answers the question: What to do in the case of cramps in the twins or hamstrings? How can you stretch? That one of our readers sent us through our Contact Form

In the case of cramps in the twins or hamstrings you can do several things. First try to hydrate properly during exercise and regulate the intensity of effort to your real abilities.

Think that cramps usually appear due to lack of adaptation or training of the activity or sport that we practice. The better trained and prepared we are, the less chance of suffering from a cramp.

Do not make too sudden changes in rhythm if it is not necessary since you force your muscles more and you are at greater risk of having muscle problems. If you go by bicycle and you notice the first symptoms of cramp, try to go a little more "stuck", don't go with too much agility because that increases the possibility of suffering a cramp.

The use of mineral salts decreases the risk of cramping and muscle ramps. On the other hand, if you run and you notice any symptoms of ramp or cramp, decrease the length and speed of your stride and if necessary walk.

If you have already given the cramp, stop and stretch the muscle until you relax. Think that after a cramp another one may appear, adapt the rhythm and do not force yourself too much.

If you do a triathlon and you are not very trained, make the transitions in a calm way, so we give time for the musculature to "adapt" to the new type of effort or activity. You must train the transitions properly and compete with a certain regularity, so you will be more prepared.

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