Overtraining, causes, effects and solutions

As its name suggests, it is an excess of training without respecting rest breaks. Because of this there is a worsening of the performance despite the athlete continues training.

Our collaborator Clinic Fisio Pinar, speaks to us on this occasion about overtraining, its causes, effects and how we can solve it once it appears.

Many times, you have belief a high training volume it will help the athlete to improve his physical and sporting capacity. It has been shown that training without rest periods increases the risk considerably of suffer physical and psychological injuries, since, seeing that his performance does not improve, despite increasing training, he becomes frustrated and discouraged.

Symptoms of overtraining are General physical fatigue, muscle pains, increase in injuries and even chronic injuries, disturbance of resting heart rate, alteration of respiratory rate, pérdida peso, insomnia, lack of concentration and even lowering of defenses.

Among the causes, prolonged periods of physical exercise can cause increase in cortisol, one of the »stress hormones«, which under normal conditions increases in situations of mental pressure and puts us on alert, as in competitions. But what with continuous high levels you have harmful effects for the athlete, even reaching to cause muscle damage. It is important take care of the food, since it has been shown that overtrained people have a excessive intake of refined carbohydrates helping to raise cortisol,

As a treatment we propose to plan the trainings decreasing time and increasing breaks, Physiotherapy sessions of muscle discharge, hydration abundant, adequate food eliminating foods with high glycemic load, analysis of hormones in more acute cases and even prolonged breaks away from activity.


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