Do you suffer shortening of the posterior hip? David Serra answers us

As usual David Serra TN collaborator in the section of TRIFISIO responds to the inquiries of our readers.

On this occasion Juan Fernando sent us this query:

I drag an injury in the left leg to the height of the popliteal gap, although sometimes I notice the discomfort in the twin and even in the knee itself (I do not know if it will be psychosis) I have done an MRI and I have nothing.

I also go to a Physio every 15 days. Now I have also made some templates. I'm swimming and cycling (I pedal for about two hours for four days or so)

My concern is that I want to prepare an Ironman in the 2013. What should I do?

David Serra:

Hi, Juan Fernando,

From what you tell me, it looks like you have a shortening of the posterior chain on the left leg. It is necessary to relax the entire musculature of the twins, soleus and hamstrings with massage, although in the popliteal hollow it is not advisable to tighten too much.

I do not recommend you to do stretches or if you do them always after the activity and very soft so as not to force.

You should check the height of the saddle, maybe you're wearing a high pelt or if you hurry me the best would be to put a special lift on the cycling shoe that is placed between the shoe and the shoe.

Another option is that in the templates your podologo you put more thickness in the part of the heel of the template left. Also I recommend that you do not stop training and that you strengthen the quadriceps of the left leg, since the stronger this muscle is, more relaxed is the hamstring and calf muscles.

When you go by bike try to go with some agility and when you run do not stretch too long the stride.


If you have any questions for David Serra Physiotherapist, you can write to: [email protected]

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