Do you have pain after a long workout?

This week in our section "INJURIES" David Serra answers a reader's question, about a pain that appears after making a long-term training.


When running 80 minutes continuous race at a smooth pace I was charged the inside of the left leg, just above the ankle bone. The next day it hurts, but by the third day it stops hurting me.

When swimming, riding a bike and playing soccer does not bother me at all. What could be the problem?


David Serra Responds:


Hi Cesar,


For what you tell me, it could be a beginning of periostitis or an overload. You must decrease career time continuous and the total kilometers of running on weekdays.


Do not be too drastic, just down the kilometers a little or change any race session for any of cycling. Review your footwear, that is not too worn out and try to look for surfaces that absorb the impact well.


When running, do the steps a little shorters, especially on the downs.



David Serra


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