Use of "Cupping" on the swimmer's shoulder

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The "Cupping" consists in the application of suction cups, plastic or glass, in specific points causing a suction effect in the fabric.

Our collaborator Healthing, tells us in this article the benefits of therapy Cupping In a typical injury of the triathlete or swimmer, the so-called swimmer's shoulder.

There is a month to go to the World Swimming Championships, which will take place in Budapest, and a few months for the grand final of the Triathlon World Championship in Rotterdam, and we all have doubts about whether there will be any New type of "innovative" therapy for the treatment of the swimmer's shoulder how much limitation it causes.

Last year, exactly at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, we could see how Michael Phelps He had bruises that surrounded the joint complex of his shoulder. These bruises son the consequence of vacuum cupping therapy.

The "Cupping" consists in the application of suction cups, plastic or glass, in specific points causing a suction effect in the fabric.

Treatment of "Cupping" in the shoulder of the swimmer

But is this kind of technique really effective? Does it have therapeutic relevance or is it simply something colorful without much scientific rigor?

Despite the lack of articles that support this technique,undeniable the therapeutic effects it causes at the physiological level, which do not differ much from other scientifically recognized techniques. Some of those effects are: increase in blood supply, local hyperemia, myofascial release y increase in cellular metabolism with greater contribution of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.

The Side effects which may involve the use of suction cupsscarce because it is a low-invasive and low-risk technique, it being normal to leave a circular erythema in the applied area.

For all this, the application of this technique in the pathology of the swimmer's shoulder is beneficial since it acts, at the muscular level, normalizing the tone, improving the sliding at the fascial level, reducing the tendinous tension and thus improving the joint biomechanics.

At Healthing we offer advanced treatment for your swimmer's shoulder, using "cupping", state-of-the-art technology such as superpulsed laser and active therapy with RedCord Neurac, treatment that we will discuss in future articles.


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