Berasategui is positioned as one of the favorites of the Triathlon World Championship

The Long Distance Triathlon World Championship, to be held on the 29th in Vitoria, will feature three great favorites in the women's category: Virginia Berasategui, Jodie Swallow and Camilla Pedersen.

The Bilbao-born Virginia Berasategui goes to Vitoria with the endorsement of having been the European Long Distance champion in 2010, a bronze medal in the 2010 World Championship and third in the Hawaii Ironman 2009, among other achievements.
In addition, he knows perfectly all the route on which the World Cup will be played because the 2010 European title was achieved on the same circuit on the 29th.
The British Jodie Swallow, World Long Distance champion in Perth in 2009 and runner-up in the European Championship held in Vitoria in 2010, will also be another of the great favorites to fight for the medals.
The 2011 European Long Distance Champion, Camilla Pedersen will perform in Vitoria after having won a fourth place in the last European Championship, Challenge in Kraichgau.
The list of favorites is completed with other names to consider such as the Swiss Caroline Steffen, world champion in Immenstadten 2010, who will also aspire to climb to the top of the podium.
They will also haunt the top positions of the course Michelle Vesterby, European Long Distance runner-up in 2011, and the Hungarian Erika Csomor, world champion in 2007.
In the team of the Spanish National Team, in addition to VirginiaBerasategui, there will be Gurutze Frades, Maider Gaztañaga and Estefanía Gómez.

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