• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Eneko Llanos, from start to finish in the Zarautz triathlon

Eneko Llanos He had no rival in yesterday's triathlon in Zarautz. The man from Gazteiz won his ninth txapela in the coastal town. Last year he was beaten by Clemente Alonso, but yesterday he demonstrated once again his adaptation to this medium-distance event, giving the impression that his preparation for the long-distance world championship to be held in July in Gasteiz is on the right track. .

The women left at 14.00:650 p.m. from Getaria beach and the boys a quarter of an hour later, in total with 2,9 triathletes at the start. After the 34.53 km swimming journey from Getaria to Zarautz, the first in the pits on the seafront promenade was Jon Unanue from Zarautz (finally fifth) with a time of XNUMX, followed by Pedro Miguel Reig from Alicante, with Eneko Llanos in third position, a few seconds away. Already in the initial kilometers of the cycling segment, Llanos took control of the test and with constant pedaling, he was expanding his advantages and leaving the test practically doomed.

After completing the 81 kilometers, he entered the pits with an advantage of 3.30 over the Swiss Mathias Hecht and almost ten over Reig and Del Real.

In the foot race Eneko Llanos maintained the pace and after completing the 20 kilometers, with three laps of an urban circuit, he crossed the finish line with a time of three hours and 57 minutes, with Mathias Hecht more than six minutes behind, although he He declared at the end of the test that he was a bit loaded on his legs due to the 'beatings' he had received lately.

Pedro Miguel Reig from Alicante completed the podium, with José Manuel del Real from Segovia in fourth position, with the Zarautz triathlete from the SVC team Jon Unanue in fifth position and, therefore, first from Gipuzkoa.

Maider Gaztañaga victory

In the women's category, Ordiziarra Maider Gaztañaga dominated the race from start to finish. She was not among the favorites, but she showed that she has trained hard and well. At 38 years old and a mother of two children, she came out of the water first, a specialty that she mastered from her years as a swimmer; On the cycling route she withstood her pursuers even though she did not take risks on the downhills out of fear after a recent fall.

On the pedestrian route he maintained a constant pace, entering the finish line with a time of 4 hours and 37 minutes, ahead of the Pontevedra rider. Saleta Castro, with Estefania Gómez in third position.


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