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Eneko Llanos arrives at the World Cup at his best

The triathlete from Vitoria has explained in statements to Efe, his impressions for the momentous event that, in addition, is one of his great objectives of the season and can make him world champion in a test held in his city.

Eneko Llanos He explained that his feelings for Sunday are "very good" and that after the exhaustive preparation he arrives at the "best level" and in a position to fight for the gold medal.

In addition, the fact of competing at home motivates him more to give joy to the people of Vitoria, since he is clear that "racing at home" he is going to "give everything".

Eneko Llanos already has in his record the title of World Champion of this discipline achieved in 2003 in Ibiza.

With less than four days to go before the big event, Llanos already has "all the work done" in terms of preparation and training and is only focused on "maintaining" his fitness with "light" sessions of swimming, running or cycling.

Facing the test on Sunday and given the weather forecasts, the man from Vitoria bets on "hard and extreme conditions" as an element that would be favorable for his way of running and competing.

In addition to competing at home, Eneko Llanos has been responsible for designing the circuit of 4 kilometers of swimming, 120 on the bicycle and 30 of running that all participants must complete.

“It is a very complete circuit because it has a bit of everything. Especially in the bicycle sector, there are no hard climbs or long climbs. It is fast, with its point of hardness due to some slopes and the wind that always complicates things ”, he remarked.


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