Eneko Llanos, vice-champion of the Triathlon world in Vitoria

Eneko Llanos has achieved the silver medal in the Long Distance Triathlon World Championship that is taking place in Vitoria.
The Spaniard entered the finish line just under two minutes behind Australian Chris McCormack, the great winner of the day and new champion. The winner spent 5 hours, 29 minutes and 45 seconds to cover the 4 kilometers of swimming in the Landa reservoir, the 120 of cycling in a circuit that ran through Ozaeta, Salvatierra and Arcaute, among other locations, and the 30 of race walk through the urban center of the city. Luxembourg's Dick Bockel got bronze.

The race, which will continue until late in the afternoon when the participants in the different age groups reach the finish line, was witnessed by a crowd of fans who cheered on the athletes on their journey through the city center. In addition to having a precise organization, this will be an aspect that will count in a very appreciable way in the candidacy of the capital of Alava to host high-level races or official championships in future years.
Regarding the test itself, Llanos led it until the start of the running sector. But he quickly gave up first place to McCormack. Despite a few first moments of struggle on the part of the Vitorian - more for honor than for physical strength -, the Australian was distancing himself until achieving victory with notable ease.
1.100 participants
Vitoria has breathed triathlon throughout the joranda. Not even the start of the Olympic Games this weekend has prevented the Triathlon World Championship from impacting Vitoria as the great sporting event that it is. More than 1.100 participants from 32 countries plus their companions have turned Álava and its capital into a sports continuum, since there is no other activity or championship, except for some exceptions, that takes place for so long and with such a wide range of participants. In response to this great event, thousands of people from Vitoria have followed the evolution of the race in its three main stages, the Ullíbarri Gamboa reservoir, the bike circuit through the Llanada and the 30-kilometer race through the streets of the capital, all a luxury for a city that this year is a continental benchmark for being the 2012 European Green Capital.
The list of competitors has covered the whole range of origins (52 Japanese, 80 English, a hundred North Americans ...) and capacities, from professionals to those who will participate in the open category for the pure love of physical exercise. Hence also the appeal of the race, which will not only allow you to admire supermen, but also ordinary athletes whose merit, viewed from a certain perspective, may be greater than that of the previous ones. The elite have fought for a podium position in the 4-kilometer swimming, 120-kilometer cycling and 30-kilometer walking course. But the rest of the participants have fought against themselves in an impressive effort that the people of Vitoria and visitors have thanked with volleys of applause at every step of the way.
The Vitoria triathlon has also been an economic engine in the capital of Alava. «There is no longer a single free hotel space in the city. The only remaining rooms are in a pension and with high prices, which are around 80 euros, despite not offering breakfast and not having the category of hotels, "said the Councilor for Citizen Services and Sports, Alfredo Iturricha a few days ago .
The popular councilor encouraged the people of Vitoria to go out to the streets to encourage the triathletes, something that many have done this morning. "One of the transitions will be on Calle Olaguibel, and the finish line will be located in Plaza de España, so the outcome of the competition will be totally central and visible," he warned. Many others have followed the race in various stands placed in the finish area itself and on the giant screens installed in the Plaza de España.

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